HUG Handouts

HUG Handout jp1. Understanding and Caring for Your Newborn

This handout uses clear, engaging language to help parents read and understand their baby’s body language. This handout includes:

  • How to identify a patient’s Zones (States) and SOSs (Signs of Over-Stimulation);
  • How to calm a baby;
  • How to help a baby sleep well (including information on Active/Light and Still/Deep Sleep);
  • How to help a baby eat well;
  • How to play with a baby so she can learn and grow.
  • Cost: 50 for $40. Purchase in HUG Shop.


2. Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success Handout and Poster


  • Colorful, engaging graphic depicts breastfeeding as a journey with its developmental events birth to one year.
  • Back of handout gives brief description of baby’s behavior.18″ x 24″ poster can be displayed  at office, hospital, clinic or parent center.
  • Cost: 50 Handouts for $40. Poster $30. Purchase in HUG Shop.