HUG Newsletter Week Twelve

The “HatchingBaby”: She’s ‘Looking Out’ at the world!

Ming has so enjoyed the last few weeks at home with baby Bik. It had taken several weeks to establish breastfeeding, to figure out Bik’s schedule, and to get accustomed to the demands of being a new mom! She is proud of what she has accomplished and “over-the-top” happy with how Bik is doing. Ming worries less and laughs more. Life is more predictable now. 

The Science: What’s a three-month-old learning?

While the two-month-old may have been considered the “Settled-In” baby, the three-month-old might be seen as the “Looking Out” baby. She is a keen observer and a great explorer of the world.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see the remarkable growth in a three-month-old’s cognitive, motor, and speech development.

“Ah-Ha” Moment: How The HUG’s  information helps this mother…

Ming enjoys reading and learning about a baby’s normal growth and development. She finds that knowing a bit more about a baby’s upcoming development makes a mom’s days even more fun. Ming notices that Bik started to open and relax her hand. So Ming watches for that fleeting grasp of a toy, the beginning of true, fine motor abilities. 

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