Birth, Breastfeeding & Beyond in a Birth Facility

This two-hour evidence-based, digital course is designed to incorporate into the training of hospital and birth center professionals. Content level is appropriate for those with prior training and certification as a nurse, midwife, physician, childbirth educator or lactation consultant.

Course combines information from HUG Your Baby’s “Understanding the Newborn” and “Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success” digital courses.

Challenges facing today’s hospital setting include:

  • short facility stays after birth
  • decreasing attendance at prenatal, breastfeeding, and childbirth classes
  • increasing diversity of patients’ learning style, culture, and family constellation.

Research confirms that mothers who misunderstand normal behavior in their baby are at risk for adding formula or giving up breastfeeding. Further research shows that improving teaching about newborn behavior and upcoming changes in baby’s development enhance breastfeeding duration, boost parent confidence and increase parents’ satisfaction with a birth facility.

Birth, Breastfeeding & Beyond is:

  • WHO compliant
  • Baby-Friendly
  • Evidence-based

Course Content includes information on:

  • Baby-Friendly breastfeeding initiation
  • Normal crying and sleep patterns in babies
  • Infants’ states (referred here as the “Resting, Ready, and Rebooting Zones”) and a baby’s physiologic stress responses (referred here as “a baby sending out an SOS – Sign of Over-Stimulation.”)  
  • How surges in baby’s development (from birth to one year) impacts the breastfeeding journey

Course may be completed online or uploaded to your hospital system for access by entire staff.


$35 preview fee of course by hospital leadership. CLICK HERE to purchase this course.

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