Community HUG Your Baby Workshops

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Jan Tedder presenting in Malaysia

HUG Your Baby will bring a one-day workshop to your community. Though our online courses are applauded and very well received, some professionals prefer a “live” classroom. Engaging video, inspiring case studies, and lively teaching strategies create an adult learning environment that is educational, inspirational, memorable, and fun!

Gale Touger teaching in Dominican Republic

A Community Workshop offers the following:

  • Role playing
  • A guest “Super Star.” Invite a mother and her baby to class so that the HUG Trainer can demonstrate The HUG in action!
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving around how to incorporate The HUG into YOUR community
  • Opportunity to provide this HUG  training to your entire staff: Helping Parents Understand their Newborn, HUG Strategies and the Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success .
  • Completion of pre-requisites to begin the Certified HUG Teacher training.
  • Continuing education credit – Contact Hour credit for nurses and CERPS for lactation professionals.


Jan Tedder, Gale Touger and Barbara Hotelling are HUG Trainers available to provide community workshops. Click HERE to learn more about the expertise of these faculty members.

Barbara Hotelling teaching in South Korea

Cost to bring an all-day workshop to your community:

The usual fee to bring a workshop to your area is $1,200 a day plus travel and two nights’ lodging. Contact faculty for details.

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