Conference Presentations

Today’s conference & workshop participants want to be instructed AND inspired.

HUG Your Baby offers both!

Lamaze/ICEA Annual Conference 2015


Participants receive:

  • Current pediatric, child development and lactation literature
  • Inspiring case studies and “live” demonstrations
  • Engaging videos
  • Either an overview of HUG techniques and resources, or an in-depth pre- or post-conference workshop

Presentation topics:

  • “Helping Parents Understand Newborn Behavior”
  • “Breastfeeding 101: Hows and Whys of Breastfeeding Initiation”
  • “Unlatched: Teaching Child Development to Extend Breastfeeding Duration”
  • “HUG Strategies: Innovative Teaching for Today’s Young Parents”
  • “Solving Sleep Issues in the Breastfeeding Baby”
  • “Is SELF-Regulation a Four-Letter Word for a Breastfeeding Baby?”
  • “Temperament: How it Impacts a Breastfeeding Family”
  • “Innovative Nursing Practice: Steps to Bringing Your Ideas to the World”

 HUG Your Baby has been presented at the following conferences:

Lamaze, ICEA, CAPPA, DONA, Healthy Start, ILCA, ELACTA, Brunei National Perinatal Association, US AID, New Zealand and Great Britain Lactation Associations, Smart Start, WIC, Zero to Three, Parents As Teachers, National Perinatal Association, CIMS . . . and more!


Speaker fees:

Jan understands that organizations vary in their financial resources. Contact Jan at to discuss a fee and timetable that would work for your organization.