HUGs Around the World Lullabies

HUGs Around the World:

International Lullabies to Calm Babies, Promote Breastfeeding, and Empower Parents

This DVD has songs and photos to celebrate our babies!

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Lullabies have been sung since ancient times to calm and comfort babies in all corners of the earth. Since songs and images provide a special connection to emotional learning, these lullabies, and the music videos that accompany them, facilitate parent learning and boost parent confidence.

HUG Your Baby Lullabies:

  • Inform and educate parents about child development and HUG Your Baby concepts;
  • Give parents information about breastfeeding duration and BFHI
  • Demonstrate a baby’s capabilities;
  • Celebrate the musical traditions of parents who love their babies all around the world;
  • Give professionals fun and effective parent teaching tools.

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Click HUGs BFHI-Inspired Lullaby with Ten Steps to download BFHI Ten Steps and HUGs Lullaby words