Hospital Training

Bring comprehensive HUG Your Baby Training and Resources to Your Hospital!

Evidence-based program shown to

  • boosts parents’ understanding of their newborn
  • promotes breastfeeding duration
  • enhances professional knowledge of newborn behavior and confidence to teach parents


Provide Two-Hour Online Training for Professionals.

Efficient, economical and evidence-based program approved for 2 nursing credits. Engaging parent video, inspiring case studies, memorable graphics and convenient “Come and Go” format for today’s learner and busy professional. “Ask me about The HUG” pin stimulates conversation with new parents. ($35 each. Discount for group registration).

Upload Professional, Family-Friendly Video for Parents into your Newborn Channel

20-minute parent education video helps parents “read” their baby’s body language and to identify and respond effectively to important stress responses in their baby. Use of familiar language (e.g. “Newborn SOSs- Signs of Over-Stimulation”, “Resting, Ready and Rebooting ZONES” [states]) increases parent’s confidence and connection to their newborn. Available as a DVD “gift” for your patients or for streaming on your hospital system. ($500 for license to display for a year. Bulk discount of DVD available.)

Incorporate HUG Your Baby into Childbirth and Lactation Education Classes

Provide nursing and lactation leadership and childbirth educators with more extensive understanding of HUG theories and practice. The Certified HUG Teacher program gives professionals medical, lactation and child development information  used to develop this program and innovative resources to teach groups of parents. Engaging PowerPoint and HUG DVD are provided is course fee. ($190 Certified HUG Teacher Program each. Discount for group registration).

Offer expectant and new parents The HUG E-Newsletters.

E-newsletter (weekly for 12 weeks then monthly until one year) share important information about how babies grow and develop and how breastfeeding changes over the course of that first amazing year!

Share the Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success poster on the L&D and postpartum units

Because organizations vary in their financial resources, educational goals and number of patients served, contact Jan Tedder at to plan a program to meet YOUR specific needs.