Misunderstanding baby’s behavior causes mothers to add formula, begin solids prematurely or abandon breastfeeding altogether.

Research confirms that HUG Your Baby can help WIC professionals give evidence-based information about normal child development (birth to one year) in order to: promote breastfeeding duration, boosts parent confidence and enhance parent-child interaction.

 Clinical Lactation (2018). 9(3), 108-116 article

138 WIC Peer counselors completed HUG Your Baby’s Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success two-hour online course. Study participants demonstrated an:

  • 57%-90% increase from pre- to post-test scores on knowledge of baby’s behavior
  • 58%-100% increase from before- to after-course intention to teach mothers about child development
  • 80-100% increase from before- to after-course confidence to teach parents

Resources for WIC Professionals:


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