Parent “Starter” Kit

Parents are beginning one of the greatest journeys of your life! And like with any journey, being prepared can make the difference between a tedious trip and an amazing adventure!

This Parent “Starter Kit” provides important information to enhance parent’s knowledge, boosts their confidence and facilitate connections to their new baby. The kit includes:

1. Award-winning Parent education Video – The HUG:Understanding and Caring for Your Newborn

This video uses clear, engaging language to help parents read and understand their baby’s body language and answer parent’s important questions:

  • How to calm a fussy baby;
  • How to help a baby sleep well (including explaining Active/Light and Still/Deep Sleep);
  • How to help a baby eat well;
  • And, how to play with a baby so that she can learn and grow.

2. Family-friendly HUG Handout summarizes educational video

3. Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success: Breastfeeding education from Birth to One Year

  • Research confirms that when women misunderstand or misinterpret a baby’s normal behavior, they add formula, begin solids prematurely, have increased postpartum depression, and experience decreased maternal confidence.
  • This engaging handout depicts on the front the developmental events that impact breastfeeding from birth to one year of age. The back of handouts offers information on understanding and responding effectively to these developmental events.

4. HUGs Around the World Lullabies

Lullabies have been sung since ancient times to calm and comfort babies in all corners of the earth. Since songs and images provide a special connection to emotional learning, these lullabies, and the music videos that accompany them, facilitate YOUR learning and boost YOUR confidence.

  • Celebrate the musical traditions of parents who love their babies all around the world
  • Share important child development concepts on breastfeeding, infant sleep, parent child interaction and settling a fussy baby.

Cost for Parent “Starter Kit”: $45

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