HUG’s Mission, Vision & Values/ History & Awards

HUG Your Baby’s Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION:  Based on child development, lactation and pediatric literature, HUG Your Baby’s trainings and resources help parents (and the professionals who care for them) understand a baby’s body language in order to promote breastfeeding duration and to prevent and solve problems around eating, sleeping, crying, and parent-child interaction and bonding.

VISION:  HUG Your Baby provides evidence-based online training, effective “live” workshops, family-friendly educational materials, and competent HUG Teachers and Trainers around the world.

VALUES:  HUG Your Baby believes that parents want to be effective mothers and fathers, that caring and confident parents raise capable and happy children, and that professionals serving young families want to provide effective, evidence-based education and support.

HUG Your Baby’s History

Jan Tedder, BSN, IBCLC, FNP, is the creator and president of HUG Your Baby. After thirty years of experience working with expectant and new parents, she researched and developed The HUG program, which has been presented at national and international conferences and published in JOGNN, MCN, and Journal of Perinatal Education. Professionals around the world have been attracted to HUG Your Baby’s vision and the innovative, family-friendly language it uses to make even the most complex and sophisticated information accessible to parents.

The HUG is based on the pediatric, child development and lactation literature of Drs. T. B. Brazelton, M. & P. Klaus, M. & H. Papousek, B. Howard, M. Labbok, A. Stuebe, and N. Bergman.

HUG Your Baby identified by Healthy Start EPIC Center as a “Promising Evidence-Based” program (2015)

Innovative practices employed in the field, based on state-of-science knowledge about what works to improve outcomes, and gathering evidence of effectiveness. (Click Here)

Awards for HUG Your Baby and its Leadership:

  • Healthy Start’s Evidence-Based and Promising Programs
  • North Carolina Nurses Association’s Certificate of Commendation
  • Web Health Award for Professional Website Training
  • World Wide Web Health Award
  • Community Partnership with
  • National Health Information Award
  • Wellsphere TOP Blogger for Parenting
  • Tedder: WCHL Hometown Hero Award
  • Tedder: Honorary Member of Duke University Child Development Unit
  • Tedder: North Carolina Maternal Child Health Nurse of the Year
  • Tedder: Sigma Theta Tau Award for Innovative Nursing
  • Tedder: Sigma Theta Tau Community Nursing Award

HUG Your Baby follows the recommendations of the WHO’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.