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“Educating nursing students about child development and the teaching of young parents will impact the care of maternity and pediatric families for years to come.”

Study below confirms the benefit of incorporating digital HUG training into nursing school curriculum

A Web-based Module to Enhance BSN Students’ Knowledge and Confidence in Teaching Parents about Newborn Behavior. Alden, K. (2018). Journal of Perinatal Education. 27(2), 104-114.

  • Control and intervention groups of 100+
  • HUG Your Baby’s two-hour computer-based course used in intervention group. Course reviews newborn behavior, interpreting and responding to an infant’s cues and body language, and teaching new parents.
  • Results:
    • Significant increase in intervention group’s scores on knowledge of infant behavior.
    • Though confidence to teach parents improved in both groups, increase in confidence was greater in intervention group.
    • Students appreciated video components of HUG Your Baby course.
    • Video role modeling provided vicarious experience of interactions with patients, known to increase students’ self-confidence.
    • Computer-based learning was well-received by most students.

Components of HUG Your Baby for Nursing Schools

  • Two-hour HUG program available for uploading to school’s digital platform
  • Program includes six video lessons.
  • Video lesson provide engaging parent-child clips, inspiring case studies and memorable graphics.
  • Multicultural and inclusive photos enhance student’s identification with learning process.
  • Variety of teaching tools address diverse learning styles.
  • Pre- and post-test confirms students’ assimilation of information.
  • One-hour digital faculty training (approved for nursing credit) and extensive bibliography facilitates faculty competence with with material.

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Further HUG Your Baby Research (Click here for details of study.)

Nursing schools and birth & lactation professionals benefit from HUG  training. (Shimpuku, Y. [2013] Japanese Jo of Nursing Ed, 54[12]

Mother-infant bonding is increased by HUG teaching. (Hughes, K. [2017] Global Nursing E-Repository; Ota, Y. [2016] Japanese Jo of Maternal Health, 56[4])

WIC professionals increase knowledge of how child development impacts breastfeeding. (Tedder, J. & Quintana, E. [2018] Clinical Lactation, 9[3])

Special Care mothers increase knowledge of infants & confidence to parent. ( Hunter, L. [2018] JPEDHC, Aug 23)

Supporting fathers in a NICU: Effects of the HUG Your Baby program on father’s understanding of preterm infant behavior. Kadivar, M., Mozafarinia, M. (2013). Journal of Perinatal Education. 22(2), 113-119.

Mothers who receive HUG Your Baby teaching in a childbirth education class increase confidence to breastfeed. (Rippe, M. [2019] UNC-Chapel Hill manuscript pending publication.)

Doulas & childbirth educators completing HUG training increase their ability to teach expectant and new parents. (Tedder, J. [2012] ICEA, 27[3])

Developing the Japanese HUG (Help-Understanding-Guidance) Your Baby” program. Iida, M., Shimpuku, Y., Tanimoto, K., Matsunaga, M. & Horiuchi, S.(2017). Journal of Japanese Academic Midwifery. 31(2), 187-194.]

•Development of Web-Based Comprehensive Educational Programme for Nurses to Facilitate Mother-Infant Bonding. Ota, Y. (2017). Japanese Journal of Maternal Health, 56(4), 618-625.

HUG Your Baby Nursing School Research in Progress

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