Nursing Schools & HUG Your Baby

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This digital, evidence-based course (available for uploading to your Learning Management System) increases student’s knowledge of child’s development and confidence to teach parents.  

Challenges facing today’s Schools of Nursing:

  • Diversity of nursing students’ learning styles and cultures

  • Increasing interest in multimedia teaching 

  • Limited sites providing relevant student experience

HUG Your Baby responds to these needs by providing:

  • Two-hour digital HUG program available for uploading to school’s learning system (Click description of  this course, “Birth, Breastfeeding and Beyond”.)

  • Engaging parent-child videos, inspiring case studies and memorable graphics

  • Multicultural and inclusive images

  • Variety of teaching strategies to address diverse learning styles

  • Pre-/Post-tests, course evaluation and “Live” practicum available

  • One-hour digital faculty training with extensive bibliography facilitates implementation

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Nursing Schools & HUG Your Baby

Research on HUG Your Baby;

  • Undergraduate nursing students taking a two-hour HUG Your Baby online course demonstrated increased knowledge of infant behavior, enhanced confidence to teach parents and would recommend the course to student nurses. (UNC-Chapel Hill SON – Alden, K. [2018]. JPE 27[2].)

  • ABSN students noted that the HUG Your Baby practicum reinforced content learned in the online course and provided an opportunity to imagine using this content with patients.  (UNC-Chapel Hill SON – pending publication)

  • Though APNP students have considerable knowledge about infant behavior, the HUG Your Baby presentation enhanced the language and strategies used to teach maternity and pediatric patients.  (Duke University SON – ongoing research)

  • CLICK HERE to see all research on HUG Your Baby

Program developed by:

Jan Tedder BSN, FNP, IBCLC. Recipient of ANA 2020 Innovation Award.

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