HUG Newsletter Breastfeeding: Pumping, Storing and Returning to Work



Getting out and About as a Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding in public – or not

Returning to work:

since baby sleeping more at night breast will be overly full with extra milk in AM. Expressing or pumping after morning feeding will continue continue to promote adequate milk supply

How to keep up milk supply when you return to work

One month before returning, pump once a day and store that. You don’t need a huge stored supply.

It is best for baby to have fresh or refrigerated milk. Freezing kills live cells??

US Breastfeeding Rights: pumps, support

Different insurance companies define this support

ACA “fair labor standard act” with resoanble break time for mothers – hourly working mother with babies less than 12 months provides 2-3 pump sessions. Does not need to be paid. Must have a place other than bathroom that is private and space for chilling milk.

If less than 50 employees, they can apply for exemption

Some sates have more protection

Four-Months-Old and Breastfeeding

how to handle distractibility

4 month old growth spurt

how much baby eats now.