HUG Newsletter Breastfeeding: Week Four and Five

Solving breastfeeding problems

Click HERE if you have pain with breastfeeding, are using formula, are having prolonged nursings or worry about an oversupply.

What’s a growth spurt?

Babies about this age need just a few more calories a day. How will you know? Because your baby will suddenly seem discontent shortly after a good feed. Not to worry! Just putting the baby to the breast a bit for often for a day or two will make all the difference.

Click Here to see how one attentive mother noticed and responded to a growth spurt.

Scheduled vs Breastfeeding on Demand

Most young families would prefer life to be as predictable as possible. However, newborns rarely fit into predictable feeding schedules for a number of months. “Parent Directed” feeding schedules can result in delayed or missed  feeding and decreasing milk supply. The American Academy of Pediatric recommend that babies be fed when they are hungry. There’s plenty of time in life to create routines and schedules in your household.

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