HUG Newsletter Breastfeeding: Week Seven

You are a breastfeeding expert by now!

You were a determined new mother. You mobilized your determination and got the help you needed to make it through those initial breastfeeding struggles. Now you find yourself giving advice to a friend, a relative or a neighbor in the grocery line. Your breastfeeding wisdom is priceless in our world!

Expected weight gain in baby

Baby should continue to gain 1/2-1 ounce a day. Check with your doctor or midwife if you are breastfeeding 8-10 times a day and this amount of weight gain is not occurring. Occasionally mothers will develop a temporary hypothyroidism (low thyroid function), which slows down milk production. Thyroid supplementation is needed until thyroid function returns to normal. You might need your thyroid level checked.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding:

  • You may notice that your appetite is more than usual. The average mother burns 500 calories a day breastfeeding. Eat REAL FOOD (not chips and cookies), and you’ll begin to lose your pregnancy weight.
  • For the calorie counter: Here’s how to know what calorie count will allow weight loss. Multiply your current weight by 15, and then add 500. (For example: 135 pounds x 15 – 2,025 + 500 calories = 2,525 calories a day.) If you are moderately active you may lose one pound every 2-3 weeks.

Pumping and Storing your milk

CLICK here to see La Leche League’s information on pumping and storing your breast milk.

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