HUG Newsletter Child Development: Two Months “Settling In”

You have survived and thrived for the longest and shortest 8 weeks as a new mother. Some days seem to last forever, yet the weeks fly by! Can you remember when you were NOT a mother or a father? YOU and BABY are settling into this new life together.

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Physical Development

  • Begin lifting legs off surface (movement against gravity)
  • Begins reciprocal kicking (one leg at a time). But, cannot yet lift both legs toward tummy
  • Increasing neck strength and ability to hold head up
  • Still has grasp reflex so he can hold on to something  but not intensionally let it go. As this reflex leaves baby will enjoy practicing holding and letting go
  • Cannot yet reach for a toy but will bat at a hanging toy
  • Brings hand to mouth to self soothe herself

Social Development

  • The social smile – Yes, she IS SMILING at YOU!
  • Expresses feeling other than crying – frowns, whimpers, wiggles if discontent


  • Babbling and cooing.
  • Can carry on a “conversation” – cooing while looking at talking parent

Most rapid growth rate from birth to 6 months

  • Twice birth weight by 4-5 months
  • A brief illness can cause temporary weight loss but “catching up” will soon occur

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