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It’s amazing to see my mother with our son!

My mother just arrived from St. Louis night. Though I had enjoyed staying in touch with her by phone during my pregnancy, I worried a bit about that first time she would meet our son. She had not breastfed me and has never worked outside of the home. Would she think my efforts to breastfeed were unnecessary? Would she feel my interest in “Attachment Parenting” was excessive? Could she understand what it feels like to worry about finding daycare so that I can return to work?

But, Grandma is quick to explain how she had wanted to breastfeed me. “No one in the hospital or at my doctor’s office knew anything about breastfeeding,” she remarks. And, she has done her homework and now can list a dozen reasons why breastfeeding is best for mother and child. She is attentive to me as I work on a proper latch and is eager to rock the baby and let me rest between feedings. Over tea we chat about the reading I have done about parenting, and I’m pleased she is interested in my thoughts and concerned how worried I can become as I think about going back to work.

But, the most amazing thing about my mom’s visit here is that she is in love with our son! She can’t take her eyes off him, and she cuddles up beside me when I cuddle with our baby!

The Science: The role of grandparents

Grandparents play different roles in different families. Arthur Kornhaber, MD and president of the Foundation for Grandparenting, asserts that grandparents might paly the role of “ancester, buddy, historian, hero, mentor, nurturer, role model, spiritual guide, student, teacher or wizzard.” Click here to read this article.

The sense of competition that new mothers can feel with their mother, or that new fathers can feel with their wives, is part of the normal transition to parenthood. Dr. T. Berry Brazelton describes how these feelings grow out of the great passion a new parent  or grandparent has for the baby. Taking time to share these feelings can build stronger families and a more secure home in which to raise a child.

“Ah-Ha” Moment: How The HUG’s  information helps this mother…

This young mother is delighted to see the love grow so quickly between her baby and her mother. She soon discovers that the BABY has the capacity to bring the baby, mother and grandmother together as they delight in getting to know and understand him.

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