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HUG Your Baby’s History and Vision

HUG Your Baby believes that parents want to be good mothers and fathers! We know that caring and confident parents raise capable and happy children. Based on pediatric, child development and lactation literature, HUG Your Baby provides trainings and resources to help parents and the professionals who care for them . . .

  • understand a baby’s body language;
  • prevent and solve problems around a baby’s eating, sleeping, crying, parent-child attachment;
  • promote breastfeeding duration.

HUG Your Baby in Malaysia

Siti Norjihan Moin, Founder of the Malaysian Breastfeeding Association

Jan Tedder, FNP, BSN, IBCLC, is a nurse practitioner and lactation consultant from the USA who researched, developed and produced HUG Your Baby, an award-winning, evidence-based program. She completed a one-year international speaking tour where thousands of parents and professionals discovered the innovative HUG concepts and resources. A published author, inspiring teacher, and effective international speaker, Jan has received a number of awards for her work with young families.

Jan worked closely with Siti Norjinah Moin, a breastfeeding advocate and founder of the Malaysian Breastfeeding Association, to bring HUG Your Baby to Malaysia. Several hundred Malaysian parents and professionals attended the first HUG workshops held at KPJ Klang hospital.

Among these attending the HUG workshops was Ning Desiyanti Soehartojo, MD, IBCLC. She became the first Certified HUG Teacher in Malaysia and is now focusing her medical care on supporting breastfeeding women in her country and sharing HUG Your Baby with parents and professionals throughout Malaysia.

Ning Desiyanti Soehartojo, MD, IBCLC

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