News and Events

WakeMed (Raleigh/Cary, NC) will bring HUG Your Baby to nurses and patients – system-wide! (Nov, 2017)

This a BEAUTIFUL photo! It is a picture of a group of dedicated women determined to pull off a grand idea! Leadership at WakeMed wants to integrate HUG Your Baby into ALL their maternal-child services at all 3 hospitals! There are 400-500 nurses who can receive the introductory online HUG course. Another 50 childbirth educators and leadership will have the opportunity to take the all-day HUG workshop and complete the Certified HUG Teacher curriculum. Our HUG video will find it’s way to WakeMed’s newborn channel (in English and Spanish), displaying the “Roadmap” poster will encourage families to consider their breastfeeding journey, and the HUG E-Newsletters will be made available to interested parents. And finally, the nursing research department will evaluate (and hopefully publish) the process of bringing a really BIG HUG to a large hospital system. I’m dancing around the room! (Details for your hospital can be found here:

HUG Your Baby continues to be shared in Italy! (Summer, 2017)

How exciting! The HUG is spreading throughout Italy. Bendetta Costa was critically important in bringing Infant Massage Educators to Europe and around the wold. She was the first Certified HUG Teacher and has shared The HUG with Italian speakers in Switzerland and in Italy. We have translated HUG resources into Italian and are reaching out to nurses, educators and lactation specialists. I am delighted to be returning there in May for another series of HUG Your Baby in Italy! I’ll be back in Italy in May 2018. Yippee!


HUG Your Baby goes to Mexico City (September, 2017)

Bringing HUG Your Baby all begin with an invitation from Gisel Morales Brown to present at II Conreso Mexicano En Salud Primal. Though challenged by the 7.1 earthquake only 4 days before the conference, Gisel and her colleagues pulled together an amazing educational expereince in the beautiful Instituto Nacional de Perinatologia

It was a great joy to have simultaneous translators hard at work during my Mexico presentation. Wearing headphones, participants heard my English translated into Spanish and I heard their Spanish comments and questions in English. Sometimes my stories would get TWO laughs – first from those who understood English and then from the Spanish speaker 30 second later!

We finished our day-long workshop with the HUG Your Baby jeopardy game, a fun way to review all we had learned. We laughed, teased and applauded as we worked our way from HUG “Zones and SOS” through the “Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success.” 20 Mexican professionals, enthusiastic to learn even more, signed up to complete the online “Certified HUG Teacher” course. That good news for HUG colleagues around the world who want to support one another in their efforts to serve today’s young families!

The Art of Breastfeeding 2017 Conference gets The HUG!

I presented the “Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success to 70 lactation specialists at The Art of Breastfeeding. I was delighted that a Guildford County LC is eager to bring The HUG to their community and a local (new) PNP plans to give a HUG to the new parents she serves. I enjoyed studying with Nancy Mohrbacher and hearing more about how skin to skin care often converts “bottle” moms to breastfeeding moms.

HUG Your Baby to Community Health Workers at the Border States (Fall, 2017)

Celebration and Learning in El Paso . . . Thanks to Elsa Quintana, NM breastfeeding coordinator, I shared “Basics of Breastfeeding” and “The Roadmap of Breastfeeding Success” at the “Red de Promotoras Conference” with over 200 community health workers from the US Border States and northern Mexico.

In order to prepare to take HUG Your Baby to Mexico and the Border States lactation conference I had all 4 HUG online course professionally translated and narrated into Spanish. And, these courses are on sale for another two weeks. Let you friends and colleagues know!…/

The fiesta de quince años is the celebration of a hispanic girl’s 15th birthday. What a great theme for this 15th conference to teach and thank community health workers who have served families in the Border States for many years! Elsa and I delighted in the festive table decorations, corsages worn by conference planners and 3-tired “birthday” cake! Who said education can’t be fun!!

Duke University School of Nursing Students Enhance their Maternity and Pediatric Care with HUG Your Baby (Fall semester, 2017)

Presenting at Duke Nursing School last week I shared that . . . “My mother was a nurse and so was ‘Granny’. Granny provided private duty nursing -at no charge- for friends and families around Newnan, Ga for decades. They would “pay” her with a silver fork or spoon on which their names were engraved. Every Thanksgiving I still rummage through the silver and rediscover why I became a nurse! ” What can be more fun that telling the next generation of nurses the joys and sorrows, the ups and downs of a 40 year career. I made them laugh. I helped them consider their options. And, I encouraged them to wonder about how patient encounter can become an amazing (and often, sacred) experience! (There I am 40 years ago!)