Parenting 101: Overview of Resources

Because you want to be a successful breastfeeding mother and confident parent, HUG Your Baby is here to help.

Jan Tedder BSN, FNP, IBCLC — recently named American Nurses Associations 2020 Innovative Nurse — is providing the following timely and evidence-based resources for young families. 

Read more about each option below: 

Enjoy interactive Zoom format: Q&A, polls, breakout rooms and real-time chat promote interactive learning in the comfort of your own home!

Breastfeeding 101: Zooming Ahead with Breastfeeding 


Prenatal breastfeeding education is the first step to meeting YOUR breastfeeding goals.

Two-hour class includes:

  • benefits of breastfeeding
  • building a robust milk supply
  • establishing a good latch and breastfeeding positions
  • identifying early feeding cues and evidence that baby is getting enough to eat
  • preventing and solving common problems

Fee: $35 (Choose date and time in sidebar on right) 

Newborn Care 101: Zooming Forward to Settle In with your Newborn 

Babies can’t speak, but they are great communicators – as long as you can read baby’s body language!

Two-hour class includes:

  • Why understanding your baby REALLY matters
  • How babies communicate & their signs of over-stimulation 
  • Normal newborn crying patterns and sleep patterns 
  • Tips for successful breastfeeding
  • Care of the baby: baths, diapers and care of a sick baby

Fee: $35 (Choose date and time in sidebar on right) 

Breastfeeding Basics: Preparing to Become a Successful Breastfeeding Family  

Enjoy year-long access to this class. 

One-hour online class provides key information to begin the breastfeeding journey. Class includes:

  • three steps to establish a good milk supply
  • two symptoms confirming adequate milk supply
  • tips for positioning and latching baby 
  • preventing and solving breastfeeding concerns

Fee: $25 CLICK HERE to purchase 

Understanding and Caring for Your Newborn

Winner of National Health Information Award

Video includes:

  • calming a fussy baby;
  • helping a baby sleep well (including explaining Active/Light and Still/Deep Sleep);
  • helping a baby eat well;
  • playing with baby so that she can learn and grow.


CLICK HERE for DVD format – $38; 

CLICK HERE for Flash Drive format (includes bonus Baby-Friendly information) – $45

CLICK HERE for one year Streaming Video – $23

Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success  

Misunderstanding a baby’s behavior causes mothers to add formula, begin solids prematurely or giving up breastfeeding altogether. Based on this Roadmap, E-Newsletters teach parents how developmental surges change the eating and sleeping patterns of babies and give parents tips for managing these bumps along the road!

Fee: $25 for the year. CLICK HERE to begin receiving Newsletter at baby’s due date.

BONUS: HUGs Around the World Lullabies

This music video captures musical traditions from around the world, calms babies and shares child development concepts with parents. 

Fee: $15 CLICK HERE to purchase