Resources to Help New Parents

The HUG: Understanding and Caring for Your Newborn

Streaming Video – $15

All new parents worry about being a new mother and father. This video give you family-friendly information and skills based on current pediatric and lactation literature. Learn how to read you baby’s body language in order to help your baby breastfeed well, to calm your baby and to help your baby (and you!) get a good night’s sleep! This video will boost your confidence, enhance parent-child attachment and help you be the good mothers and fathers you want to be!

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HUGs Around the World Lullabies:

International Lullabies to Calm Babies, Promote Breastfeeding, and Empower Parents

DVD- $15

Lullabies have been sung since ancient times to calm and comfort babies in all corners of the earth. Since songs and images provide a special connection to emotional learning, these lullabies, and the music videos that accompany them, facilitate parent learning and boost parent confidence.

Professional musician, Jim Henderson, wrote and played these lullabies.

  • Korean-Inspired Lullaby gives fathers skills to calm a fussy baby . . . A crying baby is a risk factor for postpartum depression, for child abuse and neglect, and for mothers to add formula or abandon breastfeeding. When fathers have skills to calm a baby, mothers feel more supported, while fathers are more attached to, and engaged with, their newborn.
  • Hawaiian-Inspired Lullaby explores infant sleep and parent actions that settle a baby . . . When a family learns to recognize Still/Deep and Active/Light sleep, both family and baby get a better night’s sleep. This lullaby expresses the power of a father’s love and celebrates a mother’s precious breast milk as the song soothes a baby to sleep.
  • English-Inspired Lullaby shares the BFHI “Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Success” . . . The research is abundantly clear: Breastfeeding is best for the baby, best for the mother, and best for the community. Tucked away in musical phrases and engaging images, the WHO/UNICEF’s (BFHI) “Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative’s” Ten Steps come to life in this lullaby—both for parents and for the professionals who serve them.
  • Japanese-Inspired Lullaby celebrates a newborn’s capabilities . . . Fathers who are helped to appreciate their baby’s capabilities, and to engage with their newborn during the first few hours after birth, spend more time with their child in the months ahead. This lullaby celebrates the power of a natural birth and the important impact of a midwife’s sharing a baby’s abilities with a new father.
  • Australian-Inspired Lullaby celebrates the magic of Mother Nature . . . Those who study the birthing process teach us that women who trust their bodies’ ability to give birth have more effective labors and less medical interventions. This lullaby, set in the Australian outback, introduces us to a young mother who uses the stories of animals to remind her son that Mother Nature can be trusted.