“Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success” Online Course

Teaching Child Development to Extend Breastfeeding Duration (Prenatal – 12 Months)

Misunderstanding or misinterpreting a baby’s normal behavior cause many women to add formula, prematurely begin solids or abandon breastfeeding. This online course

  • Helps professionals understand WHY and WHEN babies have predictable changes in their eating, sleeping or general behavior which often confuse mothers
  • Provides strategies and resources to help parents anticipate and problem-solve around these changes.
  • Utilizes convenient “Come and Go” format for busy professionals
  • Offers multicultural videos, memorable graphics and instructive case studies
  • Enables you to help mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals!

Gaze aversion Behaviors commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted as a breastfeeding problem include:

  • Avoiding mother’s gaze as a newborn
  • Increased crying at 2 weeks
  • “Restless” sleep at one month
  • Distractibility while breastfeeding at 4 months
  • Fretful teething at 6 months
  • Frequent awakenings at 9 months when stranger anxiety sets in
  • And, waking up multiple times at night when the 12-month-old begins to walk


Approved for 2 CERP credits.by IBCLE.

2 Contact Hours credit by:  CAPPA, ICEA and DONA.  This continuing was also approved California Registered Board of Nursing


Cost: $38

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HUG Your Baby’s Online trainings offer today’s learners a number of benefits:

  • Six months to complete courses;
  • “Come and Go” format to fit into a professional’s busy schedule;
  • Chance to view video clips of parents and babies “in action!”;
  • Opportunity to review coursework as needed;
  • Costly travel and convention fees eliminated;
  • Economical continuing education (Contact  Hour and CERP) credit;
  • Computer, tablet, and mobile phone functionality.

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