“HUG Your Baby: Helping Parents Understand their Newborn: Promote breastfeeding, boost parent confidence & care of their baby(Part 1)

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Mothers who misunderstand their baby’s behavior are more likely to add formula, begin solids prematurely, or abandon breastfeeding all together. Mothers struggling with excessive crying, state regulation issues or misunderstood sleep cycles have increased postpartum depression and delayed parent-child bonding.

Evidence-based online course gives birth and early parenting professionals skills to help parents prevent and solve problems around their baby’s:

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • crying
  • and parent-child interaction

You will be inspired and instructed as you

  • learn characteristics of effective parent education
  • discover innovative language to describe newborn states and stress responses
  • explore normal crying and sleep patterns and breastfeeding basics
  • observe babies’ interactive abilities
  • see engaging video clips of parents and their babies
  •  hear intriguing case studies


  • Approved for 2 Contact Hours credit (from California Registered Board of Nursing, ICEA, DONA, and CAPPA).
  • 2 (L) CERPS

Cost: $35

 Credit: 2 Contact Hours credit (nursing, doula, childbirth educator); 2 CERPS (L)

HUG Your Baby’s Online trainings offer today’s learners a number of benefits:

  • Six months to complete courses;
  • “Come and Go” format to fit into a professional’s busy schedule;
  • Chance to view video clips of parents and babies “in action!”;
  • Opportunity to return to course after its completion;
  • Economical continuing education credit;
  • Computer, tablet, and mobile phone functionality.

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