ZOOM Classes for Expectant and New Parents

Q&A, Zoom Polls, Breakout rooms and real-time Chat promote interactive learning in the comfort of your own home!


❈ Breastfeeding 101: Preparing for Breastfeeding Success

Two-hour class includes:

  • benefits of breastfeeding
  • building a robust milk supply
  • establishing a good latch and breastfeeding positions
  • identifying early feeding cues and evidence that baby is getting enough to eat
  • preventing and solving common problems

 Testimonial:  My husband and I took the ZOOM breastfeeding class and found the information well organized and  easy to understand. I feel better prepared, empowered, and relaxed (as much as I can be!) about breastfeeding our baby. 

Here’s what a couple says about this breastfeeding class:

❈ Newborn Care 101: Preparing for Parenting Success

Today’s young families know that taking care of a new baby is a big job! Babies can’t speak, but they are great communicators – as long as parents can read a baby’s body language!

Two-hour class includes:

  • Why understanding your baby REALLY matters
  • How babies communicate & their signs of over-stimulation i
  • Normal newborn crying patterns and sleep patterns 
  • Tips for successful breastfeeding
  • Care of the baby: baths, diapers and care of a sick baby

Fee: $35 per class – Partners join ZOOM class for free!

 Instructor: Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC

Jan Tedder has worked with pregnant and young families for decades as a family nurse practitioner and lactation consultant. She developed the award-winning HUG Your Baby program, an international organization that provides educational resources to parents and the professionals who serve them. HUG Your Baby materials have been shared in 46 countries around the world. Jan is  a published author who has received numerous awards for her innovative work. Resume Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC